1 Postcard Credit


1 Credit = 1 Lead + 4×6 Postcard printed and mailed within 24-48 hours of home listing.
Buy any amount, any time. Buy more, save more. Simple pricing. Guaranteed results.
1-99 Credits = $.97/Mailer
100-499 Credits = $.95/Mailer (2% Discount)
500-999 Credits = $.92/Mailer (5% Discount)
1000+ Credits = $.87/Mailer (10% Discount)

*Discount applied at checkout.

Get your direct mail campaign started by purchasing credits.  It’s simple.  1 Credit includes the new home listing address, the homeowner’s name, and a 4×6 printed and mailed postcard all within 24-48 hours of home listing!

Credits must be purchased in advance to get your campaign started.  You determine what your daily budget is.  Do you want us to send your postcard to every home just listed in your market or do you want to limit how many postcards are mailed each day?  It’s all up to you, you are in control.  Every postcard printed and mailed costs 1 credit.  We will notify you when you are running low on credits to ensure there is no gap in your campaign.  The more credits you buy at one time, the more you save.  

How do I know that you actually printed and mailed the postcard?
We email you an excel spreadsheet everyday of the homes we have printed and mailed your postcard to for that day.

Do credits expire?
No! You save more by buying more credits but it is up to you when you choose to use the credits. You can choose to spend 1 credit per day or 100….it’s all up to you!

Do I have to use a certain amount of credits per day or month?
No! You are in total control. You can start or stop your campaign at any time. If you don’t want to use any credits you have purchased this day or month and decide to save them for next month, no problem!

What if I decide not to use credits I purchased? Are they refundable?
Yes, if you purchased credits and for whatever reason you have now chosen not to you use them, we will refund your credit card used for the original purchase. There is a 5% processing fee on refunds.

Can you give me an idea of how many homes are listed everyday in my market?
Sure! Fill out this form HERE and we will run the counts for you.

Where do I submit my postcard design to you?
Right HERE!

Can I set parameters on who you mail my postcards to?
Of course! First, you filter the data by either State, County, City, or Zip. Next you tell us the minimum sales price of the homes you want your postcards sent to. Last and optional, you tell us the minimum square footage of the home you want your postcards mailed to.

How do I let you know the market and parameters I want set for our direct mail campaign?
You fill out this form, right HERE!